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To the first Black Vtubers Awards!

This will become an annual show created by Afaedite to be celebrated every June with the goal to give recognition to Black Vtubers of every category, size, and background. We do this to uplift a community whose charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talents often go without the praise they deserve and to honor their works.


About your host!

Afaedite is an African American Vtuber, singer, and voice actor who loves to stream mostly League of Legends and Hoyoverse content. Ever since becoming a Vtuber in 2018, they've worked to foster a community and promote other PoC creators and members of the LGBTQ+ community. With their experience in streaming, family background in entertainment, and love for gaming, Afaedite continues to put out content that tries to connect all different members of the gaming sphere.

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VOTE for the Black Vtubers you love!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All updates will be posted on the Official Twitter so be sure to follow to stay up to date with the show!

How does the Show work?

First, fans will submit their nominations to the various categories we have selected. Once the nomination period is over, the four Black Vtubers with the greatest share of votes in each category will be selected. From there will come the Voting period where fans will vote for one Vtuber in each category. Finally, the winners of each category will be announced at the Awards show itself.

When are the Awards taking taking place?

The BVTA's will be live broadcasted from Afaedite's twitch on Saturday, June 22nd, 2024 at 7PM EST. You can find the stream on Twitch. Specific times are to be decided and will be announced later.

What are the Black Artist and Content Creator Awards?

You can nominate 1 Black Vtuber from any content platform you think is best fitting of the award in each category!

What are the Ally Awards?

These categories are to highlight and applaud anyone who has supported Black Vtubers whether as a loyal fan, a diligent mod, or an incredible artist.

Where can I find updates on the show?

Can I submit again or change my submission?

No - once you've submitted your answer, all nominations and votes are final.

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